Puttin' on the Glitz or Transformational Change?Presentation at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Exposition and Conference (PETE & C)
February, 2009

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Great Gobstopping Glitz Detector

Signs you may be “puttin’ on the glitz” with technology use in the classroom

  • Does learning stop and students “stand around and wait” while you or other students fumble with or trouble-shoot the technology?
  • Do you realize you or your students could have done it faster or easier without the technology?
  • Do observers or visitors or students just talk about the technology component of the project (not the learning and understanding)?
  • Are you spending more time preparing for the use of the technology than you are on preparing the curricular aspects of the project including differentiation and assessment?
  • Do you wake up at night or spend a lot of time thinking about managing the technology for the project or unit?
  • Do you find that projects involving technology take a lot more time to complete than you anticipate because students need more time to work with the software or hardware?
  • Do your students learn more about how to use the software or hardware than they do about the critical content of the curriculum?
  • Were the students engaged and concerned more with the technology or their learning?
  • Is the technology the first thing you or others notice about the project work of students?
  • Are students working first on gathering, analyzing, and understanding critical content, essential questions, and/or enduring understandings or how their project will look and how the technology will work?
(Photos of the Large Hadron Collider used in the live presentation are found at the LHC site.)

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